Animal Communication:
Animal Communication and Healing Series -- Animals are the Healers

New Offering!  “5-D Animal Communication & Healing -- Connecting in Wholeness”

There is an old saying that states “When one looks through the eyes of Divine Love, all one can see is Divine Love in everything”. This is the foundation for my new 3- month class. I am so very excited to be offering this opportunity for us all to be raising our awareness to be fully seeing with our “Divine Eyes”!

We will work together to harness the energy of love and healing from this unified field for ourselves, animals and our planet.

This class is being channeled from the Counsel of Light Wisdom Keepers, with each class designed to be experienced with a topic to share. There will be exercises to bridge our awareness into the Unified Field of Oneness, where we have access to heightened perceptions, and multidimensional healings for ourselves and animal friends.

Once we bridge into this realm of higher truths, we can see each other through eyes of love and wholeness. When this occurs, all the illusions that have created separation, lack or suffering can be transformed to reflect divine perfection. What amazing and positive changes can we then bring about!

What if the animals in your life were the healers? Explore what they are bringing to your attention for healing.

What if the animals, nature or life are really helping us to remember ourselves as Divine Love?

What if we could see life from the place of Unconditional Love as dogs do, or Gods as Cats or Free Spirit as horses?

Join me to explore this and so much more!

We will be using Instant teleconference where you can call in on your phone or use the computer to connect (audio only).

We will meet monthly on the third Thursday from 5:00-6:30 P.M. PST for 3 months starting August 19, and following on September 16 and October 21.

The classes are recorded and sent directly after the class in case the date does not fit your schedule and to replay at your convenience.

I look forward to our time together.

Dates for 2021: (Held 3rd Thursday of the month.)

  • September 16
  • October 21
  • November 18

Time:  5:00 - 6:30 PM (PST)

Fee:     $195.

One full payment or 3 monthly payments of $65.00. PayPal and all major credit cards accepted as well as pay by check.

Registration and Info:

Please fill out the Sign-up Form below to register. When you submit the form, you will be directed to the payment page.

If paying by check, call (520) 825-4645 to reserve your space and and/or if you have any questions. Mailing address will be provided when you reserve your space.




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Animal Communication and Healing Series

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