Animal Communication:
Animals Having Jobs, Roles and Identities

Join me in this fascinating and fun tele conference class, where we will continue building our skills by communicating with many different animals in all the endless ways, they take on Jobs, Roles, and Identities within the family. When we uncover the roles that the animal feels they play or even the role the animal feels the person plays in their life can be a root of many patterns of physical illness and emotional issues

Animals like to feel useful just as humans do, and often are given a job by the owner, even if the owner didn’t realize they were appointing it, simply by saying “protect the house while we are gone” the animal moves into become the protector, this can be a beneficial focus point for some, and for those animals that are afraid or lack confidence as the protector often begin barking behaviors just to let everyone know they are there so don’t even think about coming in. Many bored, destructive, and behavioral issues may be self-appointed jobs, roles, and identities the animal gave themselves.

Here is an example of that: I still laugh when I think of my first experience back in 1998 of suggesting a job to a dog. In an Animal Communication class I was teaching; a women told me every day when she goes to work, her dog gets the clothes out of the hamper, takes them through the doggie door and buries them in the back yard. Every day she would come home and have to dig up the clothes and put them back in the hamper. The dog thought this was a very fun game (self-appointed). I told her, "I will give him a job." She asked me, "What?". I simply said, “I will make him the keeper of the hamper”. The next day when she was getting ready for work, she told the dog of his new job, become the 'keeper of the hamper'  and added how important this was and that she really needed his help. He had to make sure that all the clothes stayed in the hamper. She reported that it was a success. She praised him on doing his new job so well, he never did it again after that.

Date:  Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Time:  5:00 PM - 6:30 PM (PDT)

Fee:     $50

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Animal Communication:
Animals Having Jobs, Roles and Identities

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