Animal Communication:
Basic Animal Communication, Level 1 -
Bridging the Language of All Life
Now Expanded to Six-Week Zoom - Teleconference Course

image of a puppy and kittenThis is a new and exciting opportunity to study and learn Basic Animal Communication from the comfort of your own home with Linda Johns, an internationally known Animal Communicator and Medical Intuitive. Linda has been teaching animal communication since 1998 and she loves to encourage and remind everyone that we can all do this. Linda has expanded this course from 4 weeks to 6 weeks because it is so much fun and is so packed with information.

Have you ever wondered what your pet is thinking when s/he looks intently at you? Have you ever wished you could communicate your thoughts or needs more clearly to your animal friend? Have you wanted to communicate with animals in nature?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions,then this is your opportunity to attend the six-week zoom-conference teaching seminar on Basic Animal Communication and learn the skills and steps that will enhance your abilities. We also explore communication with wildlife, plus whales and dolphins.

Here are a few skills that you will learn:


Bridging the Language of All Life: The skills learned through this class can be applied to many situations besides animals, like young children without a vocabulary, Autism, Dementia - Alzheimer, Comas and End of Life communications.

This is your chance to do what you have always wanted but were restricted by not having classes available in your area, or by the drive and travel time to and from classes.

The Zoom link and a workbook file will be emailed to each student at the beginning of the class date. Email support is provided should questions arise throughout the week. By the first week, students will have learned techniques and be practicing the exercises on their own. You may decide to continue on to more advanced levels of communication and healing with Linda, however, your journey begins here!

Anyone that has taken this class in the past and would like to refresh or continue to strengthen your skills, please join us in this live interactive class, for only $50.

Space is limited to allow for individual attention so sign up now.

The classes will be recorded so if you can't make a date or even if the time of day doesn't fit into your schedule, the information is available for you to listen to at your convenience, plus the Email support system is always there for any questions that may arise for you.

*** Note: You can now enjoy a self-paced animal communication training program anytime. The recordings and materials from previous classes are now available for purchase. Feel free to contact Linda for more information.

Dates for 2024:

  • Monday evenings
  • January 22
  • January 29
  • February 5
  • February 12
  • February 19
  • February 26

Time:  5:00 PM - 6:30 PM (MST, Arizona Time)
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Fee:     New Year Special Gift Offered: $249.   The normal rate for this class is $499.

Wish to refresh and deepen your skills from any past classes? Rejoin this class for only $50.

PayPal and all major credit cards accepted as well as pay by check. Split payment available.

Registration and Info:

Please fill out the Sign-up Form below to register. When you submit the form, you will be directed to the payment page.

If paying by check, call (520) 825-4645 to reserve your space and and/or if you have any questions. Mailing address will be provided when you reserve your space.

See testimonials.




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Animal Communication:
Basic Animal Communication

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Linda has studied and worked in the field of alternative healing for over 25 years. Since 1998 she has taught classes in Animal Communication and Intuitive Development through Pima Community College and her own Journey to Healing Center. Linda Johns has helped animals and their "people" all over the world. She even works with Olympic and Grand Prix horses from the distance of thousands of miles! Linda also works with Paws Integrative Veterinary Clinic and other local and national veterinarians to support and discern health and emotional issues for their animal patients.

Let her expertise guide you to a better life for you and your animal family.



Interview on Dr. Randy's Pet Vet Show

Periodically, throughout the month, Linda is a guest on Dr. Randy's Pet Vet Show, America's Integrative Veterinary radio program. Here is one of her interviews for you to listen to.


Testimonials for Basic Animal Communication:

Linda John's Animal Communication I class was flat-out fantastic. I had been able to "tap in" a few times with friend's animals but I had no idea what I was doing to be able to make that connection. Linda did not disappoint. She went fast and deep and wide. Within the first lesson, I was very clear how to tap in and gain approval from the animal to communicate. I was particularly impressed at how Linda navigated everyone's natural clairvoyance abilities and was able to introduce meditations and practices to open up our unique psychic abilities even deeper. In four short lessons I feel as if I've otherwise spent months in learning this much. I look forward to continuing to work with Linda to master assuring our most loved animals are happy, healthy, heard, and at peace

Oh Linda! The class was wonderful and so helpful. I learned a lot and enjoyed it very much. Thank you for sharing your gifts and knowledge with all of us. I am signing up for the behavior class.

Thank you for the wonderful teleconference you did recently on Animal Communication. I so appreciated your skill at using this format. The handout you sent in advance allowed me to dig deep into the material. If I didn't have time to do the reading beforehand, I still learned a lot during the call. I appreciated the way you provided stories that bring your material to life, how you drew out the participants, encouraged and created a safe and easy space for discussion. That enhanced the richness of the material for me. Life often presents to me the fact that "attending" by phone is a more accessible way for me to take classes than in-person. This way I don't miss out or wait until the timing is better. I have spent many years as a consultant doing my coaching by phone, and because of that I experienced your skill with the teleconference format with appreciation. Thank you!

What a wonderful class, Linda! So packed with great information, and lots that can apply to all areas of life!

Thank you so much for this class! I learned so much and am excited to continue practicing my new skills!

Thank you Linda... Your course meant more to me than you can know. It got me back in touch with what I do naturally; but because of some traumatic stuff in my life, I did not practice these skills. I learned so much from you and want to thank you for your beautiful spirit and loving kindness to all.

Animal communication comes so easy to Linda and that's why I took the class with her. The reading materials were simple to understand and a great source of information in breaking the barriers we have placed between us and other beings. The exercises were a great way to start and practice. Now I know I'm not imagining the messages I'm getting from my dogs.

Thank you,

Wonderful class! I enjoy these classes so much, I can relax and take it in.

I have taken most of Linda's classes and in every format that is offered, in person, on-line training and now the teleclass. I really like the teleclass/telephone class the best.

First, it fits into my time schedule. If I'm unable to attend the "live" class, an immediate download is sent to me via email to listen to at my convenience. Secondly, email support is available all week and for two weeks after the class is over. Third, there is no pressure! Especially with animal communication, I found myself looking at other students and comparing myself and thinking, "Gee, they are doing better than I am, am I doing something wrong?" I took myself out of the learning by doing that. This way, it is just you. Plus, I can focus better in my own environment where I'm comfortable. Then when class "meets" we all compare notes, ask questions, practice exercises and get tips from Linda. Also, if you never attend it "live", Linda always mentions your name and your animal's name so you are always a part of the group. Sure fits into the busy lives we have!