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For People and Animals

Student's Healing Services

It has been my honor to support, teach, and witness the personal growth and transformation of these talented individuals into very gifted healing practitioners. I celebrate that each have listened to their own inner calling and followed their heart into the modalities and healing practices that their spirit excels in (all listed here have studied with JTH).

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Animal Spoken Here
Kat Riegel: Animal Spoken Here

As an Animal Communicator, I bridge the information gap between humans and animals by:

  • Getting answers to general questions
  • Health concerns
  • Behavioral issues
  • Encouraging better understanding between animals and humans to achieve better relationships and enriched lives



Balance in Motion
Sue Barrett: Balance in Motion

Working with Children and Adults

  • Certified Zero Balance Practitioner
  • Reiki Master
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Quantum Energy Healing
  • Dolphin Energy Healing
  • Kinesio Tapping



Deeper Healing
Pat Watson, Ed.D.: Deeper Healing

For Humans and their Animal Companions

  • Therapy with humans and animals and spaces
  • Reiki (Usui & Karuna)
  • Universal White Time Healing
  • Chakra Clearing & Balancing
  • Aura Cleaning
  • Crystal & Stone Healing
  • Space Clearings
  • Board of Angels Healings




Linda Johns/Journey to Healing can not be held responsible for the experience when working with anyone listed above.