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The Divine Crystalline Matrix – The Sacred Heart Healing

Connecting with the Frequency of the Divine Matrix

There is a saying that everything in the universe is Frequency. Nikola Tesla once said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”.

We are all on a spiritual journey consciously or unconsciously to release the conditioning and collective belief systems that limit our spirit’s ability to shine brightly in its highest expression. As we free ourselves from the old illusions of fear, the feeling of lack, beliefs of being “not enough”; we uncover so many other mind traps. It is then that we start to re-claim the parts and pieces of ourselves that have been dormant, quiet and stashed away. In doing so, we are giving ourselves permission to step into a higher frequency of our true light.

I am especially excited to be able to share this Wisdom of Light with you through this new series that meets once a month in the early evening on the Third Thursday of the month.

Each month we will be using the new teachings of the Divine Matrix and how it can be used to expand and grow your relationship with your own Divine Inner circle (Master Team of Helpers) while strengthening the connection with the knowledge and wisdom found within the Sacred Heart and the universal connection to “All that Is” as we become a multidimensional expression of our Divine Star Light

The information is being channeled through the Counsel of the Divine Wisdom Keepers, and it works at the highest levels of healing, manifesting, activating our dormant DNA, remembering our soul resonance and aligning our passion and missions. Each time we drop into the sacredness of the heart and open to unconditional love and divine support, we automatically facilitate world healing. As this high frequency ripples out as positive light and healing grace for everyone and everything on the planet to embrace if they choose.

This is a Zoom class, and the recording will be sent out shortly after the class for those that can’t make the time of the live event. Plus, it can be very helpful to replay the healing journey to go deeper into it each time.

Lon from LonArt, Sacred Geometry Art, created a sacred geometry image of what my guides were showing me representing the Divine Crystalline Matrix. Whether you are gazing upon the Divine Crystalline Matrix in your mind’s eye or meditating on this beautiful art board, both ways are filled with deep levels of meaning that can have subtle, powerful and profound effects, aligning us to our deeper Truth, Light and Love.

Divine Crystal image with green center
Divine Crystal image with red center

Below is the description of the colors and layers and how each one holds sacred space, connection and divine wisdom throughout all time and space.

In the middle is the Sacred Geometry of the Violet Trinity, the womb of creation. We each choose our interpretation of what that symbolism means to you, based on what speaks to your Truth. For some that may mean the Divine Mother, Divine Father and Divine Child or body, mind, and spirit or past, present and future or, perhaps, the father, son and Holy Spirit. In its Oneness, balance, and complete wholeness, it holds all of these and more.

The Golden color allows one to receive healing, cleansing and purification. It holds pure intention, enlightenment and raises consciousness by accelerating the awakening of the original DNA and our Crystalline structure as a being of light and love.

Green holds the energy of growth, knowledge and intuition, like developing our psychic abilities. It supports our growth through limited beliefs and attitudes that may no longer serve.

The Red center holds the energy of connection, giving permission to be grounded and centered in the ability to manifest from your passions, power, and purpose.

Blue holds the space for clear communication, giving ourselves permission to connect and communicate with our guidance team of the inner circle and externally with all of life from your truth and center.

The level of 12 energy bubbles of light represents the inner circle and those we have asked to hold that sacred healing space for us. Symbolically, circles, spheres and orbs of light holds divine knowledge, ancient wisdom, sacred geometry, color, light and higher frequencies. This level also represents the 12-dimensional realms.

The layers continue to ripple outwards from the center into the deep universe, like symbolic picture of the “pebble in the pond”. Once activated, the energy continues outwards and the rings become larger and larger throughout all time and space holding the codes of our eternal-infinite soul and our unlimited potentials of manifesting and creating a new heaven on earth, while bringing in the remembrance that we are all connected to All That Is in a great universal field of love and support.

The Divine Crystalline Matrix Mediation boards are available for purchase and comes in two different centers so please select the color of the center that you wish. The option to purchase the meditation board will be on your receipt.

Green center ___________ or Red Center _____________
$30.00 plus $10.00 postage for US domestic shipping only.
International Shipping starts at $30.00 additional.

Dates for 2023:

  • Thursday evenings
  • July 20
  • August 17
  • September 21
  • October 19
  • November 16

Time:  5:00 - 6:30 PM, PDT

Fee:    $50 per month or pay for all 5 classes in advance for only $225, bringing the monthly cost to only $45 for each month.

PayPal and all major credit cards accepted as well as pay by check.

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