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Spirit-in-Nature Flower Essences - People and Animals' Uses
Quick Reference:
Almond Animal:
Self control; for better adjustment to domesticated life, animals that are nervous, who pace, over-groom themselves, or exhibit frenetic or obsessive behaviors.
Almond People:
Self-control, calmness of mind and nerves, good for people who lead very active lifestyles, for those who desire more hours in the day; beneficial to pre-teens.
Apple People:
Healthfulness; for the consciousness of health; vitality, energy, joy, for fear of illness; for periods of discouragement, lethargy and doubt.
Avocado Animal:
Good memory; for pets to come home when called; for training; better focus, especially when distractions are present; alertness: non-responsive animals
Avocado People: 
Good memory, for when detailed tasks are undertaken; in preparation for exams or when quick, clear thinking is required; for undertaking creative endeavors.
Banana Animal:
Humility; calmness; for overly-emotional, agitated or upset animals; for the bully in the house.
Banana People:
Humility, calmness, for emotional over-involvement in difficult situations; the ability to step back and observe.
Blackberry Animal:
Purity: for animals who absorb their owner’s negativity; exposure to harmful chemicals; for use in a misting bottle n areas that have been soiled or marked, or to cleanse the litter box area on a regular basis.
Blackberry People:
Purity of thoughts; optimism and a positive outlook on life; to counteract skepticism and negativity for the “no nonsense” person; for denial
Cherry Animal:
Cheerfulness; for moods; grumpy or ornery behaviors ( Note: be sure to rule out possible medical causes): for previously abused animals
Cherry People:
Cheerfulness; for optimism, even-mindedness through life’s ups and downs; moodiness “The Emotional Lightener”
Coconut Animal:
Upliftment; helps animals cope with any chronic pain or physical infirmities; for transcending limitations; good for show animals
Coconut People:
Upliftment; to free one from restlessness, for a solution-oriented state of mind; for the ability to mentally rise above the mundane, for times of challenge or struggle.
Corn Animal:
Vitality; energy; restored a sense of adventure; for relocation; helpful during times of transition; good for older animals; for exhaustion
Corn People:
Mental vitality; for freshness and newness; getting rid of stale thoughts and old habits; for new beginnings, enthusiasm and zeal “The I-can Essence.”
Date Animal:
Sweetness, tenderness; animals who are crabby, irritable or irritating, for pets who pick on other animals
Date People:
Sweetness, tenderness; to correct a judgmental, overly-critical nature, acceptance and tolerance of others; for loneliness, meaninglessness, and boredom
Fig Animal:
Flexibility; for animals who have been improperly or overly trained; pets who receive mixed messages from their owners; animals who seem confused, fussy, or whiny; for breaking existing bad habits
Fig People:
Flexibility; for people who are too hard on themselves, no matter how fine their accomplishments; helps break through a sense of limitation due to rigid self-definition; greater flexibility of will.
Grape Animal:
Love: for animals who have been neglected, abandoned, abused, or otherwise mistreated; loneliness, clinginess, or aloofness, jealously of other pets or humans, sometimes expressed as bullying, growling, or spraying/soiling: feeling replace; loss of a human or animal companion
Grape People:
Love and devotion; for those who feel a lack of love in their lives, for the natural ability to love unconditionally without thinking of oneself; for death of a loved one, separation or divorce.
Lettuce Animal:
Calmness; for restless energy, poor attention span, good for younger animals; for pets who get wound up, especially with newcomers to the household; for anger
Lettuce People:
Calmness, stills excited emotions; for people who are highly creative; for inner quietude before, during and after the storms of life; “The Unruffler”
Orange Animal:
Joy; loss of interest in life; listlessness; grieving the loss of a close companion; suffering or emotional struggle; also for past abuse; pets with a history of multiple homes; adapting the life indoors; pets who have been de-clawed, debarked, or otherwise unnaturally altered
Orange People:
To banish melancholia; upward flow of energy; for depression, and a lackluster attitude, for awakening great joy.
Peach Animal:
Selflessness; overly demonstrative animals, animals weaned too early; demanding pets; over-territorialism, for the mother whose young are taken away
Peach People:
Selflessness, concern for the welfare of others, for selfishness, smothering; for compassion and service to others in need; the “mother” essence
Pear Animal:
Emergency Essence: peacefulness; for any trauma or crisis; for the shock of accidents, illness, birthing, or surgery, including spaying or neutering; panic or disorientation; for animals nearing death; a “first-aid must”
Pear People:
Peacefulness; the Emergency essence helpful in recovery from accidents, surgery, illness, childbirth; for times of “emotional earthquakes” dynamic energetic, relaxed state of mind
Pineapple Animal:
Self-assuredness; for show animals; insecurity; especially in multiple – animals households; for the runt of the litter; pets raised in temporary homes; for previous poor training
Pineapple People:
Self-assuredness; for belief in one’s own ability; for feeling centered and whole, for insecurity, self-doubt, shyness
Raspberry Animal:
Kindheartedness; animals who hold grudges, sometimes species-related, for spraying or soiling, specifically if hurt feelings are suspected as the cause; difficulty integrating with new animals in the home.
Raspberry People:
Kind-heartedness; for forgiveness and a sympathetic nature, for over-sensitivity and getting over old hurts.
Spinach Animal:
Simplicity; for animals who act older then their years; for stress and pets living in stressful households; for strays; anxious or troubled animals; to restore playfulness
Spinach People:
Simplicity; for stress and stress-related issues; for an overly analytical state of mind; for childlike trust and contentment; for people who take themselves to seriously; “The uncomplicator”
Strawberry Animal:
Dignity; for grounding; self-worth issues imparted by the owner; animals nearing their own passing; stability; for lengthy or debilitating illness
Strawberry People:
Dignity; self-confidence, self-worth; self-esteem; clearing guilt, strength of character, centeredness and grounding.
Tomato Animal:
Strength, courage, for fear-based behavior, mild to overwhelming, of known or unknown origin; skittish or easily spooked animals; for terrifying experiences; coping with city life; fear-based barking; animals who attack out of fear.
Tomato People:
Mental strength and courage, living in the affirmation of victory over life’s trails, for battling addictions with food, smoking, or any unwanted habit; for psychic protection; “The Warrior Essence”

Flower essences are a gentle yet effective way to bring strength and balance, by supporting the person or animal in addressing specific behaviors and situations rather than treating physical symptoms. Flower Essences have an innate “safety valve”. It is not possible to take an overdose, nor are there any side effects or contra-indications. They cannot be neutralized by other substances, and they may be used to supplement other forms of treatment. Interpretations of food balancing the body were made by Paramhansa Yogananda a teacher from India who lectured in the U.S. in 1920. Eighteen years of research have backed these findings.

Dosage Directions: (the same for adults, children and animals) 4 drops of Stock concentrate, or 16 drops to a watering trough.  4 times a day directly in mouth or mix with water, or added to juice, tea or other beverages. Combining the essences also work well. To make a dosage bottle add 4 drops of each concentrate to a 1oz dark bottle, fill with spring water and you may add 1 tsp. of brandy. Use the mixture remedy also 4 times a day.

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