Tuning Forks - Sound Vibrational Healing
for People and Animals
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Sound Vibrational Healing has been used since the beginning of time in one way or another. In one of the original creation stories, the Angels were standing on opposite sides of the universe calling out, "Holy, Holy, Holy" creating the first sound and vibration that rippled throughout all the universe.

The Ohm frequency is said to be the first sound of earth's creation, and it is also based on the elliptical orbit of the earth as it travels around the sun through the four seasons. So the Ohm sound, chanted or when using a tuning fork, is a resonate of the heartbeat of earth's energy and is very grounding, centering and energizing as it harmonizes our energy field with all that is.

Sound travels extremely well in water. Human and animal bodies are largely composed of water, therefore, water is a great receptor and conductor of sound. When the body holds stress and tension, this can create sore muscles, fatigue and disharmony that blocks the natural flow of Chi energy. Once the sound wave is created by using the tuning fork, the Ohm moves through the disharmony and releases the tension and pain from the body while restoring balance as the body remembers a sense of well-being and wholeness.

Working with tuning forks can be simple and effective because sound vibration travels well though tissue, tendons, muscle and bone so the exact placement of the tuning fork is not required (as in acupressure or acupuncture).

Join me in this amazing class where we will experience sound healing and its relaxing and healing effects. Enjoy giving and receiving with other classmates as we learn the intuitive techniques and points while we experience the different forks and vibrations.

After Lunch we will move outside to work with the tuning forks and practice placements on horses and dogs.

Date for 2020:

  • March 7, Saturday

Time:  10:00 - 3:30 PM

Fee:     $125 includes 1 Ohm tuning fork:
A $50 deposit is required to hold your place as the class size is limited and based on first come. A Certificate of Completion is awarded for the class.
Other tuning forks and acupressure book will be available for purchase.
Deposit is non-refundable. However, it may be applied to other classes.

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Tuning Forks - Sound Vibrational Healing
for People and Animals

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